REACT target group

REACT recruited sedentary, community living, older persons aged 65 and over, with functional limitations (i.e. at risk of major mobility limitations), but who were still ambulatory, i.e. they could still walk. This was measured using a physical function test (the Short Physical Performance Battery, the SPPB) which uses three simple tests to access balance, walking speed and the ability to go from a sitting to a standing position.


Older adults with scores of 4-9 (inclusive) out of 12 were eligible to take part in REACT. The aim was to target a non-disabled, but at-risk population. REACT was delivered in Bristol/Bath, Birmingham and Devon and targeted areas for recruitment that represented a broad range of socio-economic status. The target number of participants was 768 across the three centres, and the eventual recruited sample included  777 older adults.

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