We were delighted to have photographer Alex Rotas as part of the REACT team. 

Have a look below, for her fantastic work!

About Alex


Alex Rotas challenges stereotypes about ageing through photography, speaking, writing - and getting old herself. She loves tennis, swimming and is a beginner runner.


Favourite hashtag: #disruptaging [sic]

REACT images

Alex spent some time capturing the experiences of the participants in Bristol and Bath. As always she managed to capture some wonderful expressions of effort, determination and enjoyment!

About alex' photogrAPHY

Governments, health service providers, insurance, leisure and construction industries, even the United Nations are addressing not just a growing older demographic, but also the value of an increasingly active and healthy senior population. And yet, in the media, the over 60s are still more likely to be portrayed as infirm, immobile, silly, redundant, sick, spent and sad.

Find out more about Alex, her work and her mission to change this anomaly.

Older adults laughing Alex Rotas REACT study
Older woman running Alex Rotas REACT study
Happy older woman Alex Rotas REACT study
Older man winning athletics race Alex Rotas REACT study